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 To get started, just call (617) 323-1652 and schedule an appointment for us to come out to meet you and your pet.

Or if you'd like to expedite the paperwork process, you may complete the online Customer Profile form by simply clicking on Customer Log-in, then on "Create a new Customer Record," and follow the simple instructions from there.

Creature Comforts won't be able to provide services until we've met with you and your pet(s).


During our visit we'll record information such as:

Name, address, etc.
Pet information:  Breed, age, behaviors, etc.
Feeding and watering schedules
Medical conditions and medication
Location of supplies
Vet information
Emergency contacts
Any other information you think we should have

What you'll need to get started:

TWO sets of spare keys (that we'll keep secure)
Adequate supplies of food, litter, etc.
And please leave us a notepad and pen so that we can leave you a note after each visit


Referrals are important to us.